The Journey


We're on this journey home...

And finding God at every corner, along every wayside, in the valleys as well as the winding mountain roads.  We've run into some dead-end alleys and even gotten stuck in a few roundabouts, but we've also seen the beauty of a path less travelled and the hidden jewels God has shown us when we would have given up.

 He's meeting us where we are and calling us to travel lighter, travel further, travel with Him wherever He goes.  And that may not look the way we ever imagined it would, but God likes to stretch our imaginings!  

I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would have eight children (one in heaven) but God had other dreams.  And God's dreams are always so much better than my own.  These are my greatest joys:  my husband, Joel, and our children, Thaddeus (13), Boston (10), Astair (10), Legend (8), Story (6), Ivy (4), and Soul (2).    

I never imagined I would get to be married to a man that speaks my soul's language, but here we are 15 years in to a marriage we've fought for and dreamed of.  I never, ever imagined I would homeschool, but for almost 4 years I've done what I thought I couldn't possibly do.  And the only way I've accomplished any of it is because of who God is and the way His grace keeps picking me up when I fall flat on my face and breathing His breath into my lungs, His strength into my heart, and His dreams into my soul.

I never imagined God would send us 8,533 miles across the globe to a remote village in Africa without any help from me. Because I always dreamed we would go. I always knew we were called to world missions. But after 15 years of praying and praying for an open door, I began to question what I was waiting for. Maybe God wanted me to go out and find the door. Maybe I was just supposed to jump. Isn't that faith after all? But I never imagined that waiting on God is faith in action.

Because when we wait with faith that God will answer, it prepares us for the answer.

And when God opens the door, there’s no question who will get the glory. It’s His story written in His timing, in His own signature writing.

Because we're on this journey home to the One who made our hearts--the One we were made for.  We're simply passing through to lead others home, too.